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LIST OF Products is Mandatory to Obtain SNI Certificate before exported to Indonesia. this list is changable depend on the updated regulation by Goverment

The products are :

  • Circuit Breaker for over current protection on household and similar installation part-1 :The Circuit breakers for AC operation amendment-1  
  • Wheat flour as a food ingredient  
  • Primary Batteries  
  • Residual Current breaker without over current protection integrated for household and similar use (RCCB)-Part 2-1: Implementation of general requirements RCCB which functions independently of the voltage channel.  
  • Household electrical appliances and the similar safety –Part 2-3: Particular requirement for electric iron  
  • Household electrical device and the similar – safety part 2-41: Particular requirement  for pumps  
  • Luminaires Part-1 : General requirement dan Test  
  • Luminaires – Part 2-1 : Particular requirements- Luminaires fixed public utility  
  • Luminaires – Part 2-2: Particular requirement – Luminaires for Planting  
  • Luminaires – Part 2-3 : Particular requirement – Luminaires for  Public Street Lighting  
  • Luminaires – Part 2-5: Particular requirement – Luminaires for Spotlight  
  • PVC Insulated cable with rated voltage up to 450/750V- Part2 Test Methode  
  • PVC Insulated cable with rate voltage up to 450/750V- Part 3: Cable nirselubung for fixed wire  
  • PVC Insulated cable with rate voltage up to 450/750V – Part 5: Flexible Cable  
  • Plugs and Socket for Household
  • Audio equipment, Video and similar electronics- Safety requirement  
  • Inner Tube for Motor Vehicle  
  • Safety Shoes with leather soles vulcanized rubber print  
  • Urea Fertilizer  
  • NPK Fertilizer  
  • Swa-ballast lamp for general lighting services – safety requirement  
  • Concrete reinforcing steel re-result hot rolled  
  • Passenger car tires  
  • Truck and Bus tires  
  • Light Truck tires  
  • Motorcycle tires  
  • Concrete reinforcing steel  
  • Portland Cement  
  • Portland Cement mixed  
  • Mansory Cement  
  • Portland Cement composites  
  • White Portland Cement  
  • Portland Cement Pozolan  
  • Safety shoes with leather soles of polyurethane and thermoplastic injection molding system polyurethane  
  • Steel I-beam profile of the hot rolled (Bj P I-beam)  

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How to Apply SNI Certificate of Indonesia?,What is SNI Certificate?, What regulation have to be fulfilled?, SNI Certificate is one importance matter to entry to Indonesia Market, Indonesia have developed thCertificate to protect Indonesian Customer from low and pore quality of product and safety. 


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