SNI Sertifikat 

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  • Concrete reinforcing steel in rolls 
  • sheet glass 
  • Triple superphosphate Fertilizer 
  • Ammonium sulfate Fertilizer 
  • Potassium Chloride Fertilizer 
  • SP-36 Fertilizer 
  • Natural Phosphate fertilizer for agriculture 
  • Safety gas lighter 
  • Amplified safety glass for motor vehicle 
  • Laminated glass for motor vehicle 
  • U Channel Steel profiles hot rolled process (Bj P Channel U) 
  • Steel Sheet, Plates and hot rolled coil (Bj P) 
  • Zinc Sheet steel layer ( Bj LS) 
  • Profile steel elbow at the foot of the hot rolled (Bj P angles isosceles) 
  • Steel Sheets and cold rolled coil (Bj D) 
  • WF-beam steel profile hot rolled process ( Bj P WF-beam) 
  • Bottled Drinking water 
  • Contact plugs and socket-outlet for household and similar purpose. 
  • Switches for fixed electrical installation household. 
  • Household appliance and similar safety ; Particular requirements for Fan 
  • Motorcycle Rider Helmet 
  • LPG Steel Tube 
  • LPG Valve steel tube 
  • LPG Gas stoves of furnace fuel with mechanical ignition 
  • Low Pressure regulator for LPG Steel tube 
  • Steel sheets and coils of aluminum-zinc alloy layers ( Bj.L AS) 
  • Rubber hose for LPG gas stoves 
  • Plastic- a Vertical cylinder water tank Polyethylene (PE) 
  • Power Cable with extruded insulation and complete for rated voltage from 1kV(Um=36 kV) part1: Cable for rated voltages from 1kV (Um=1.2 kV) and 3 kV (Um=3.6 kV) 
  • Power Cable with extruded insulation and complete for rate voltage from 1kV (Um=1.2kV) up to 30 kV(Um=36 kV)- Part 2: Cable for rate voltage 6 kV (Um=7.2 kV) ampai with 30 kV (Um=36kV) 
  • Bicycle – Safety requirement 
  • M,N and O Category for motor vehicle rim 
  • L Category for motor vehicle (Motorcycle) rim 
  • Steel wire rope 
  • Melamine products : food and water equipment 
  • Rubber seals on LPG Cylinder valves 
  • Steel wire without coating for the construction of prestressed concrete (PC/KBjP) 
  • Seven steel wire without a layer of untwisted for prestressed concrete construction (PC strand/ KBjP-P7) 
  • Water Meter 
  • Electric Water Pump 
  • Tile and Water Closet (Toilet) 
  • etc. 

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Tatacara mendapatkan sertifikat SNI untuk Perusahaan Dalam Negeri dan bukan produk impor, klik disini


How to Apply SNI Certificate of Indonesia?,What is SNI Certificate?, What regulation have to be fulfilled?, SNI Certificate is one importance matter to entry to Indonesia Market, Indonesia have developed thCertificate to protect Indonesian Customer from low and pore quality of product and safety. 


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